[welcome title=”Welcome to The GimmicKing!”]  

So you found us, fantastic and thank you for taking the time to look.So what/who is The GimmicKing? – basically, it’s me, Steve Rowe. I design/create and build magic products for fellow magicians all over the world. I make everything myself from design to finished product and have incredible attention to detale. – that was a little joke 😉


Because I am a working magician, I understand the quality needed of products. Props/gimmicks/effects need to work, be reliable and last through many performances. I want you to perform with my products over and over, make use of them, enjoy them – so they have to be built to last.I have been selling my products online for a couple of years now through various channels and thought it time to organise everything into this site.This will make things easier all round and you can view all my products easily.


If you have a piece of magic you are developing but are struggling with making a prop, I am sure I can help, contact me and we can talk it through.


Please enjoy the site and spread the word.