Ace of Spades – Sharpie Reveal


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These are outstanding quality.

Out of stock


These stunning pens are specially printed onto Sharpie Markers.

One side has the Sharpie logo mark, the other a card reveal.

These are outstanding quality.

It’s easy to overlook the simplest of presentations in favour of the latest and greatest gimmicks and must-haves in the magic world.
To Spectators, revealing a freely chosen card in a magical way is such a high impact piece of magic.

This is one of Steve Rowes favourite reveals, takes up such little pocket space and is the perfect organic prop.

Steve has chosen the most popular reveals, which can enable non-card routine reveals.
Comes with online instructions and handling ideas.

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Sharpie Reveals

1 Pen – Ace of Spades, 2 Pens – Queen of Hearts + 10 of Clubs, 2 Pens – King of Clubs + 2 of Hearts, 4 Pens Queen of Hearts, 10 of Clubs, King of Clubs + 2 of Hearts, ALL 5 Pens

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