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Mark of Fame – Brad Pitt

A deck of picture cards + Special Sharpie


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Imagine the spectator chooses a celebrity from the Hollywood walk of fame deck of cards. They sign a piece of paper in that celebs signature.
You take the sharpie, set the paper on fire and when you throw the paper at the sharpie, the word sharpie changes to the name of the chosen celebrity!
I’ve been working this solidly for 6 months and it gets amazing reactions. You all know I only release material I work and can trust me when I say this kills.
Simple moves and easy presentation.
Brad Pitt Sharpie reveal!
Comes with one pen and Walk of fame deck, with 15 Brad Pitt cards.
(As in photos)
Professionally printed onto a real Sharpie, with Sharpie on other side to enable paddle move change.
Comes with online video ideas and handling.

These cards can be used as a substitute for playing cards and a perfect premise for the Ambitious Celebrity.
Also recommended for routines such as Oz Perlmans 21st Century Phantom and the NOW! Magic App.

Made from semi coated plastic stock.

Protective case also provided.