Rolo/Polo by Daniel Ryves and Mike Brown


Make your performances unique with this fun idea.


Steve Rowe presents Rolo/Polo by Daniel Ryves and Mike Brown

I’ve been performing Rolo/Polo at every gig since Mike first showed me the effect over 5 years ago.
Somewhat an underground release after speaking Daniel and Mike, they have given me permission to produce and offer to you exclusively.

Imagine showing a pack of Rolo and then transforming into polos, visually at first and then inside are real polos.

With this affordable solution you can give the pack away as an impossible souvenir.

I perform this using my Gift Deck, forcing polo and with a pseudo mind reading act get it wrong, of course, as a magician I then correct my prediction right in front of them.
I also recommend Craig Squires and Nick Einhorns amazing app, Digital Force Bag (DFB) as a great way to introduce the Polos.

What you get:
20 labels and foils.
Special gimmick to help make the packs up (its a straw!)
Full online instructions on making the packs in seconds and handling/routine ideas.

Here is Craig Petty reviewing and demonstrating the effect using the Special Gift Deck:

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