Sharpie Finger – NEW!


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The hilarious new gag from Steve Rowe.

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This is not a trick, it’s a prop for a gag – when used during a card routine it will really create some ‘magical’ moments which will ensure you are remembered long after the ‘trick’ is over.

A small telescopic rod is cleverly built into the body of a Sharpie marker pen and attached to the end is a finger. Each one is hand made by Steve Rowe himself, which ensure only the best quality.

Please note, the sharpie does not actually write.

Steve has found this to be so hilarious he had to share ti with the Magic World.
Ask a spectator to point to a card, when they do, say “hang on, lets use mine” and ‘holding the finger in hand hidden’, offer the pen.
When they go to take the pen it will extend until they are left holding the pen and telescopic finger.

The finger is 3d printed and very durable.

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