Craig Petty

“Steve Rowe is a genius – simple as. He is one of the most creative people I know. His standard of work is second to none. Just one of his tricks has revolutionised my wedding set and I’m fairly sure that I use more of his material than anyone else.
The magic world is in a much better state with Steve Rowe in it. Long may he continue to share his creations with us.
Thank you Steve (and my spectators thank you as well!)”

Lee Smith

“Steve Rowe has made an amazing effect absolutely perfect, don’t hesitate just pick up Steve notes as the quality and handling is on a whole new level”

Gary Jones

“I use at least one of Steve Rowe’s clever effects at every gig, and the quality of Steve’s service and after sales is fantastic. Steve is also a superb designer, perfect for those bespoke props and effects!”

John Morton

“A ‘pick n mix’ of effects that work in the real word!
Steve has the ability to take something we all know and make it truly magical!